Ostomy Adhesive Patient

Mastering Ostomy Adhesion for Ostomy Nurses

Ostomy care is a vital aspect of nursing, and ostomy nurses play a crucial role in helping patients adapt to life after ostomy surgery. One of the most common concerns in ostomy care is preventing leaks around the stoma site. To empower ostomy nurses with...
image includes graphics of apply condom catheter to penis, flipping over base and apply drops of adhesive. Letting dry for 5 minutes, then flipping base back and applying pressure to base to get a good seal.

How to Apply a Condom Catheter

Condom catheters use a thin layer of adhesive to create a strong, yet skin safe bond to the skin. This helps to prevent any leakage, along with allowing the device to stay secure during movements over long time periods.
Skinister Medical Adhesive as a Hollister 7730 Alternative

Hollister 7730 Alternative

Many of us have been using Hollister 7730 Adapt Medical Adhesive for years for the treatment of various medical conditions. Early in 2022, Hollister stopped manufacturing the adhesive spray, leaving many wondering what to use to replace the spray. You might be looking for a...

Applying Medical Adhesive For Ostomy Care

Most ostomy wafers will come with a layer of adhesive already applied. However, the thin adhesive layer might not create a strong enough bond to the skin for extended wear. This can sometimes cause discomfort or leakage. Skinister Medical Adhesive can be applied in addition...
Skinister Perks Prosthetic Nipples Instructions and Care

Skinister Perks Prosthetic Nipples Instructions and Care

Your Skinister Perks Prosthetic Nipples will last for years with proper cleaning and care. Following these instructions will make sure your attach, remove, clean, and store your fake nipples properly.