Medical Adhesives and Removers

What Are Medical Adhesives?

Skin-safe medical adhesives and removers are commonly used for attaching a range of prosthetics and medical devices to skin. The gentle, non-irritating formula provides users with a comfortable and easy application. Common uses are often external condom catheters and ostomy appliances. Our skin-safe medical glue creates a strong bond for your medical devices, allowing for multiple wears and extending the overall lifespan. Skinister Medical adhesive allows users to go about their day without the hassle of worrying about their device.


Medical Adhesive Uses

Ostomy wafers can sometimes roll up along the edges or pull away from the skin. This occurs when the adhesive begins to lose strength. Applying an additional thin layer of adhesive to the wafer will help prevent leakage, improve sanitation, and reduce mess.

External condom catheters can utilize medical adhesive to create a more secure bond to the skin. This prevents the catheter from becoming loose and falling off. Securing a condom catheter with medical adhesive will prevent leakage and can increase confidence while wearing the device.


Ostomy Appliance Adhesive

Many ostomy bag systems only include a light adhesive intended for short term usage. Adding Ostomy Adhesive allows users to further secure their ostomy bag system to the skin. This allows colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease survivors to continue to wear their appliance for longer periods of time, while maintaining a secure connection. Ostomy adhesive also provides extra support for an active lifestyle, along with maintaining a strong bond while bathing or swimming For more information, view our Skinister Medical Adhesive for Ostomy Care guide.  

Mastectomy Breast Form Adhesive

Mastectomy breast forms are often worn in a pocketed bra or other garment. However, there are many beneficial reasons why some women might desire to adhere the breast form directly to their skin. A notable reason is a desire to wear a regular bra or go braless for specific outfits. Breast Form Adhesive allows women to more naturally secure breast forms to their breast tissue. Utilizing breast form adhesive can also provide wearers with a more even weight distribution. Some also find securing breast forms with adhesive allows for a more natural look and more comfortable movement, especially while they are active.  

Medical Adhesive Remover

Medical adhesive removers help when removing adhesive medical devices. An adhesive remover will reduce the strength of an adhesive bond, giving users a more comfortable removal experience. By breaking down the strong glue, adhesive remover prevents having to painfully pull products off your body.


Help Applying Medical Adhesive

Skinister provides a step by step guide to applying and removing Skinister Medical Adhesive and Remover.


Hollister Adapt 7730 Medical Adhesive Spray Replacement

Learn more about how Skinister Medical Adhesive Spray has the same active ingredients as the recently discontinued Hollister Adapt 7730 Medical Adhesive. This makes Skinister Medical Adhesive a perfect replacement.