Medical Adhesives

What Are Medical Adhesives?

Skin-safe medical adhesives and removers are commonly used for attaching a range of prosthetics and medical devices to skin. Our spray and drip bottles ensure precise application, making them  ideal choices for common uses like ostomy wafers,  external condom catheters and mastectomy breast forms. Our adhesive is in high demand among those with ostomy needs, thanks to its outstanding ability to create a superior seal that prevents leaks.

Our solution is gentle, safe, hypoallergenic, and easy on the skin, making it ideal for everyday use if that is needed. A gentle release is important to prevent damage to skin and maintain skin health while delivering the reliability you need.

Skin-safe medical glue creates a strong bond between you and your medical device. Medical adhesive allows users extended wear of ostomy appliances and condom catheters which helps reduce waste. They provide secure attachment of breast forms which are multiple use products and give cancer survivors a more more natural feel with their prosthetics. 

What Are Medical Adhesive Removers?

Medical adhesive removers are formulated to remove medical adhesive. The Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover is formulated specifically to remove Skinister Medical Adhesive  but may also be effective with several other silicone-based adhesives and bandages depending on their components. This medical-grade solvent is odor-free, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing. It’s commonly used to aid in the removal of ostomy appliances, condom catheters, mastectomy breast forms, bandages, and cosmetic prosthetics from the skin.



Medical Adhesive Uses

Ostomy wafers can sometimes roll up along the edges or pull away from the skin.  When this occurs the adhesive begins to lose strength. Applying an additional thin layer of  adhesive can significantly increase adhesion, reduce leaks, and prevent accidents.

External condom catheters can benefit from additional medical adhesive to create a more secure bond to the skin. This prevents the catheter from becoming loose and falling off. Securing a condom catheter with medical adhesive will prevent leakage and can increase the comfort of wearing the device. This gives people who must use these devices much more confidence be it out and about or getting a good night's sleep.

Breast forms may be adhered directly to the chest with medical adhesive providing mastectomy patients with a natural feel and movement that improves self-image and quality of life. The skin and breast forms may be cleaned with Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover after use to maintain their integrity.



How To Apply Skinister Medical Adhesive

  1. Prepare your skin by washing with soap and water and allow your skin to fully dry.
  2. Apply 1-2 light coats of Skinister Medical Adhesive to one or both surfaces. 
  3. Applying 1 coat to appliances is usually sufficient for most applications, but in certain circumstances the second coat can increase adhesion by up to 50%.
  4. Allow Skinister Medical Adhesive to fully dry between coats and before attaching appliance to skin, for 5 minutes. The adhesive is suspended in solvent, which needs a few minutes to evaporate. If solvent does not fully evaporate, it can result in minor skin irritation.
  5. Press and hold the appliance firmly against the skin. Skinister Medical Adhesive is a pressure-sensitive adhesive and maximum strength is achieved by applying pressure for several minutes.

Skinister provides a step by step guide to applying and removing Skinister Medical Adhesive and Remover.

Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover

Medical adhesive remover sprays help when removing adhesive medical devices. Skinister Medical Adhesive Remover reduces the strength of adhesive bonds, giving users a more comfortable removal experience. This can decrease the incidence of damage to skin including skin tears in those with fragile or sensitive skin. This is especially important for ostomates and users of condom catheters where fecal material or urine may enter the blood stream through torn skin. A gentle adhesive removal can be an important part of skin health in this population.


Hollister Adapt 7730 Medical Adhesive Spray Replacement

Learn more about how Skinister Medical Adhesive Spray has the same active ingredients as the recently discontinued Hollister Adapt 7730 Medical Adhesive. This makes Skinister Medical Adhesive a perfect replacement.